Short Documentary: If Not Now – Sexism In Newcastle’s Live Music Scene

Winner of Best Production at Festival X, If Not Now is a student documentary about the culture of sexism and gender discrimination in the Newcastle live music scene. Made as a Major Project for the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Queerbaiting & Erasure: A Brief History of Institutional Homophobia In Marvel Films

What I’m asking for is for LGBT identity to be authentically represented on screen, not just in subtext, or in claims from actors and writers because LGBT folk have a right to see themselves represented like anyone else. When it comes to fiction, despite JK Rowling’s beliefs on the matter, the representation of marginalised identities should be explicit within the text. It cannot be called representation if it is not represented in the first place.

Jonathan Byers & The Victimised “Geek” Misogynist Complex

There is nothing visibly preventing Jonathan from receiving any permanent consequences for his negligent and harmful actions which begs the question: Why is he permitted to coast through the narrative in such a disrespectful way without growth, or redemption?
The answer: Because men always are.

Male Gaze, Abelism & Racism: Problems With The Women In Stranger Things

Eleven’s character growth could be so much stronger if the Duffer Brothers weren’t so caught up in their simplistic problematic understanding of femininity and womanhood.

Jeffrey: Marathon Runner – A Short Documentary I Co – Produced in 2013

In 2013, two friends and I decided to make a short documentary about Jeffery, a local 60+ year old with a health and fitness passion. Jeffrey and his wife are based in Newcastle, Australia, but travel all over the world to tackle multiple marathons every year. The film is featured on  the ABC Open nationalContinue reading “Jeffrey: Marathon Runner – A Short Documentary I Co – Produced in 2013”

Doctor Who’s Race Problem: On Jodie Whittaker’s Casting as the 13th Doctor

  Until the last 7 years, the Doctor, a trans-dimensional, space jumping, time traveling, god like, non-human being from another planet/time never implied he could assume the form of anything other than a British white human male, but with Jodie Whittaker set to take on the role as the 13th incarnation of the Doctor, weContinue reading “Doctor Who’s Race Problem: On Jodie Whittaker’s Casting as the 13th Doctor”

The Measure Of A Hero Is Sometimes Hobbit-sized.

We live in a world where ordinary has become inadequate owing to the superhuman superheroes Hollywood throws in our faces. It’s no wonder so many of us feel our averageness isn’t action hero worthy when being ordinary (paying bills, being kind, being positive, working hard) can be 10 times harder than facing trolls.

On “Problematic” Heroes: Luke Skywalker’s Defence of Jamie Lannister

With all the horrors of the world, I understand the desire for heroes who embody a utopian moral ideal of the self, but I don’t think that representing this idealisation of “pure” heroism is inspiring.

Time To Be A Proper Writer With A Proper Blog

This is something like my 6th attempt at starting blog whose content will be all my own original work, instead of a lazy cesspool of the films and tv shows and books I am currently reading. But if I want people to take me in good faith as a writer, editor, or anything else, really.Continue reading “Time To Be A Proper Writer With A Proper Blog”