Queerbaiting & Erasure: A Brief History of Institutional Homophobia In Marvel Films

What I’m asking for is for LGBT identity to be authentically represented on screen, not just in subtext, or in claims from actors and writers because LGBT folk have a right to see themselves represented like anyone else. When it comes to fiction, despite JK Rowling’s beliefs on the matter, the representation of marginalised identities should be explicit within the text. It cannot be called representation if it is not represented in the first place.

Jeffrey: Marathon Runner – A Short Documentary I Co – Produced in 2013

In 2013, two friends and I decided to make a short documentary about Jeffery, a local 60+ year old with a health and fitness passion. Jeffrey and his wife are based in Newcastle, Australia, but travel all over the world to tackle multiple marathons every year. The film is featured on  the ABC Open nationalContinue reading “Jeffrey: Marathon Runner – A Short Documentary I Co – Produced in 2013”